OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release


Object tracking manager

Object tracking manager (OTM) allows you to track the link status of Layer 2 interfaces, and the reachability of IP and IPv6 hosts. You can increase the availability of the network and shorten recovery time if an object state goes Down.

Object tracking monitors the status of tracked objects and communicates any changes made to interested client applications. OTM client applications are VRRP and PBR. Each tracked object has a unique identifying number that clients use to configure the action to take when a tracked object changes state. You can also optionally specify a time delay before changes in a tracked object's state are reported to a client application.

VRRP can subscribe to a track object which tracks the interface line protocol state. It can use the tracked object status to determine the priority of the VRRP router in a VRRP group. If a tracked state, or interface goes down, VRRP updates the priority based on what you configure the new priority to be for the tracked state. When the tracked state comes up, VRRP restores the original priority for the virtual router group.
Figure 1. Object trackingobject tracking

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