OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release


OpenFlow protocol

The OpenFlow protocol supports three message types, each with multiple subtypes:

  • Controller-to-switch
  • Asynchronous
  • Symmetric


Table 1. Supported controller-to-switch types . Supported controller-to-switch types
Controller-to-switch types Supported/Not supported
Feature request Supported
Configuration get Supported
Configuration set Supported
Modify-state Supported
Read-state Supported
Packet-out Supported
Barrier Supported
Role-request Supported


Table 2. Supported asynchronous types . Supported asynchronous types
Asynchronous types Supported/Not supported
Packet-in Supported
Flow-removed Supported
Port-status Supported
Error Supported


Table 3. Supported symmetric types . Supported symmetric types
Symmetric types Supported/Not supported
Hello Supported
Echo Supported
Experimenter Not supported

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