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Polling-interval configuration

The polling interval for an interface is the number of seconds between successive samples of counters sent to the collector. You can configure the duration for polled interface statistics. Unless there is a specific deployment need to configure a lower polling interval value, configure the polling interval to the maximum value.

  • Change the default counter polling interval in CONFIGURATION mode, from 10 to 300. The default is 20.
    sflow polling-interval 
  • Disable the polling interval in CONFIGURATION mode.
    no sflow polling-interval
  • View the polling interval in EXEC mode.
    show sflow
Configure sFlow polling interval
OS10(config)# sflow polling-interval 200
View sFlow information
OS10# show sflow
                                 sFlow services are enabled
                                 Management Interface sFlow services are disabled
                                 Global default sampling rate: 32768
                                 Global default counter polling interval: 200
                                 Global default extended maximum header size: 128 bytes
                                 Global extended information enabled: none
                                 1 collector(s) configured
                                 Collector IP addr: Agent IP addr: UDP port:6343 VRF:Default
                                 31722 UDP packets exported
                                 0 UDP packets dropped
                                 34026 sFlow samples collected
View sFlow running configuration
OS10# show running-configuration sflow
                                 sflow enable
                                 sflow max-header-size 80
                                 sflow polling-interval 200
                                 sflow sample-rate 4096
                                 sflow collector agent-addr 6767 max-datagram-size 800
                                 sflow collector agent-addr 6666
                                 interface ethernet1/1/1
                                 sflow enable

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