OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release


Post-ZTD script

As a general guideline, use a post-ZTD script to perform any additional functions required to configure and operate the switch. In the ZTD provisioning script, specify the post-ZTD script path for the POST_SCRIPT_FILE variable. You can use a script to notify an orchestration server that the ZTD configuration is complete. The server can then configure additional settings on the switch.

For example, during the ZTD phase, you can configure only a management VLAN and IP address, then allow an Ansible orchestration server to perform complete switch configuration. Here is a sample curl script that is included in the post-ZTD script to contact an Ansible server:
/usr/bin/curl -H "Content-Type:application/json" -k -X POST 
                                 --data '{"host_config_key":"'7d07e79ebdc8f7c292e495daac0fe16b'"}' 
                                 -u admin:admin

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