OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release


Restore factory defaults

Reboots the system to ONIE Rescue mode to restore the ONIE-enabled device to factory defaults.

  • CAUTION: Restoring factory defaults erases any installed operating system and requires a long time to erase storage.

ONIE Rescue bypasses the installed operating system and boots the system into ONIE until you reboot the system. After ONIE Rescue completes, the system resets and boots to the ONIE console.

  1. Use the up and down arrows to select the ONIE: Rescue, then press Enter. The highlight entry (*) runs automatically in the operating system.
                                              |*ONIE: Install OS                     |
                                              | ONIE: Rescue                         |
                                              | ONIE: Uninstall OS                   |
                                              | ONIE: Update ONIE                    |
                                              | ONIE: Embed ONIE                     |
                                              | ONIE: Diag ONIE                      |
  2. Press Enter again to enable the console.
  3. Use the onie-uninstall command to return to the default ONIE settings.
    ONIE:/ # onie-uninstall
                                           Erasing unused NOR flash region Erasing 128 Kibyte @ 20000 - 100% complete. Erasing internal mass storage device: /dev/mmcblk0
                                           (7832MB) Percent complete: 100%

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