OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release


Restore startup configuration

The startup configuration file is named startup.xml and is stored in the config system folder. To create a backup version, copy the startup configuration to a remote server or the local config: or home: directories.

To restore a backup configuration, copy a local or remote file to the startup configuration and reload the switch. After downloading a backup configuration, you must reload the system, otherwise the configuration does not take effect until you reboot.

Copy file to startup configuration

OS10# copy {config://
                              filepath | home://
                              filepath |
                              userid:passwd@hostip/filepath | scp://
                              userid:passwd@hostip/filepath |
                              userid:passwd@hostip/filepath | tftp://
                              hostip/filepath} config://startup.xml 

Back up startup file

OS10# copy config://startup.xml config://backup-9-28.xml

Restore startup file from backup

OS10# copy config://backup-9-28.xml config://startup.xml 
                              OS10# reload

Back up startup file to server

OS10# copy config://startup.xml scp://

Restore startup file from server

OS10# copy scp://admin:
                              admin@hostip/backup-9-28.xml config://startup.xml 
                              OS10# reload

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