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set metric-type

Set the metric type for the a redistributed routel.

set metric-type {type-1 | type-2 | external}
  • type-1 — Adds a route to an existing community.
  • type-2 — Sends a route in the local AS.
  • external — Disables advertisement to peers.
Not configured
Command Mode
Usage Information
  • BGP

    Affects BGP behavior only in outbound route maps and has no effect on other types of route maps. If the route map contains both a set metric-type and a set metric clause, the set metric clause takes precedence. If you enter the internal metric type in a BGP outbound route map, BGP sets the MED of the advertised routes to the IGP cost of the next hop of the advertised route. If the cost of the next hop changes, BGP is not forced to readvertise the route.

    • external — Reverts to the normal BGP rules for propagating the MED, the default.
    • internal — Sets the MED of a received route that is being propagated to an external peer equal to the IGP costs of the indirect next hop.
  • OSPF
    • external — Sets the cost of the external routes so that it is equal to the sum of all internal costs and the external cost.
    • internal — Sets the cost of the external routes so that it is equal to the external cost alone, the default.

The no version of this command removes the set clause from a route map.

OS10(conf-route-map)# set metric-type internal
Supported Releases
10.2.0E or later

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