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show bfd neighbors

Displays information about BFD neighbors from all interfaces using the default VRF.

show bfd neighbors [detail]
detail — (Optional) View detailed information about BFD neighbors.
Not configured
Command Mode
Usage Information
Use the show bfd neighbors command to verify that a BFD session between neighbors is up using the default VRF instance. Enter the details parameter to view the BFD session parameters.
OS10# show bfd neighbors
                                       * - Active session role
                                       LocalAddr      RemoteAddr   Interface  State Rx-int Tx-int Mult VRF  Clients
                                       *  vlan10     up    1000   1000   5   default  bgp
OS10# show bfd neighbors detail
                                       Session Discriminator: 1
                                       Neighbor Discriminator: 2
                                       Local Addr:
                                       Local MAC Addr: 90:b1:1c:f4:ab:fd
                                       Remote Addr:
                                       Remote MAC Addr: 90:b1:1c:f4:a4:d4
                                       Interface: vlan10
                                       State: up
                                       Configured parameters:
                                       TX: 1000ms, RX: 1000ms, Multiplier: 5
                                       Actual parameters:
                                       TX: 1000ms, RX: 1000ms, Multiplier: 5
                                       Neighbor parameters:
                                       TX: 200ms, RX: 200ms, Multiplier: 49
                                       Role: active
                                       VRF: default
                                       Client Registered: bgp
                                       Uptime: 01:58:09
                                       Number of packets received from neighbor: 7138
                                       Number of packets sent to neighbor: 7138
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