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show fcoe statistics

Displays the statistical details of FCoE control plane.

show fcoe statistics [interface interface-type]
interface-type — (Optional) Enter the type of interface. This option displays statistics of the specified interface.
Not configured
Command Mode
Usage Information
                                       OS10# show fcoe statistics interface vlan 100
                                       Number of Vlan Requests                     :0
                                       Number of Vlan Notifications                :0
                                       Number of Multicast Discovery Solicits      :2
                                       Number of Unicast Discovery Solicits        :0
                                       Number of FLOGI                             :2
                                       Number of FDISC                             :16
                                       Number of FLOGO                             :0
                                       Number of Enode Keep Alive                  :9021
                                       Number of VN Port Keep Alive                :3349
                                       Number of Multicast Discovery Advertisement :4437
                                       Number of Unicast Discovery Advertisement   :2
                                       Number of FLOGI Accepts                     :2
                                       Number of FLOGI Rejects                     :0
                                       Number of FDISC Accepts                     :16
                                       Number of FDISC Rejects                     :0
                                       Number of FLOGO Accepts                     :0
                                       Number of FLOGO Rejects                     :0
                                       Number of CVL                               :0
                                       Number of FCF Discovery Timeouts            :0
                                       Number of VN Port Session Timeouts          :0
                                       Number of Session failures due to Hardware Config :0
Supported Releases
10.4.0E(R1) or later

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