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show ip bgp ipv4 unicast

Displays route information for BGP IPv4 routes.

show ip bgp [vrf vrf-name] ipv4 unicast { ip-address/mask | summary} [denied-routes]
  • vrf vrf-name — (OPTIONAL) Enter the keyword vrf followed by the name of the VRF to view IPv4 unicast summary information corresponding to that VRF.
  • unicast ip-address/mask — Displays IPv4 unicast route information.
  • summary — Displays IPv4 unicast summary information.
  • denied-routes — (Optional) Displays the configured denied routes.
Not configured
Command Mode
Usage Information
This command provides output which displays locally advertised BGPv4 routes configured using the network command. These routes show as r for redistributed/network-learned routes.
OS10# show ip bgp ipv4 unicast summary 
                                       BGP router identifier local AS number 102
                                       Neighbor    AS    MsgRcvd  MsgSent Up/Down   State/Pfx      
                                 800   8        4       00:01:10  5         
Supported Releases
10.3.0E or later

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