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show ip ospf database

Displays all LSA information. You must enable OSPF to generate output.

show ip ospf [ process-id] database
process-id — (Optional) View LSA information for a specific OSPF process ID. If you do not enter a process ID, the command applies to all the configured OSPF processes.
Not configured
Command Mode
Usage Information
  • Link ID — Identifies the router ID.
  • ADV Router — Identifies the advertising router’s ID.
  • Age — Displays the link state age.
  • Seq# — Identifies the link state sequence number (identifies old or duplicate LSAs).
  • Checksum — Displays the Fletcher checksum of an LSA’s complete contents.
  • Link count — Displays the number of interfaces for that router.
OS10# show ip ospf 10 database
                                       OSPF Router with ID ( (Process ID 10)
                                       Router (Area
                                       Link ID         ADV Router        Age     Seq#          Checksum    Link count
                                      1281    0x8000000d    0x9bf2          3
                                  1430    0x8000021a    0x515a          1
                                  1430    0x8000021a    0x5552          1
                                      1282    0x8000000b    0x0485          3
                                  1305    0x80000250    0xbab2          1
                                  1305    0x80000250    0xbeaa          1
                                       Network (Area
                                       Link ID         ADV Router        Age     Seq#          Checksum
                                      1287    0x80000008    0xd2b1
                                      1458    0x80000008    0x1b8f
                                      1458    0x80000008    0x198f
                                      1372    0x80000008    0x287c
                                      1372    0x80000008    0x267c
                                       Summary Network (Area
Supported Releases
10.2.0E or later

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