OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release


System management

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
Provides information to dynamically assign IP addresses and other configuration parameters to network hosts based on policies, see DHCP commands.
Network Time Protocol
Provides information to synchronize timekeeping between time servers and clients, see NTP commands.
Enables you to configure and monitor an OS10 switch using JSON-structured messages to access YANG-modeled data in configuration data stores, see CLI commands for RESTCONF API.
Provides information about role-based access control, RADIUS server, user roles, and user names, see Security commands.
Simple Network Management Protocol
Provides a message format for communication between Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) managers and agents. SNMP provides a standardized framework and common language for network monitoring and device management, see SNMP commands.
OS10 image upgrade
Provides information to upgrade the OS10 software image, see Upgrade commands.

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