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timers spf (OSPFv3)

Enables shortest path first (SPF) throttling to delay an SPF calculation when a topology change occurs.

timers spf [ start-time [ hold-time [ max-wait]]]
  • start-time — Sets the initial SPF delay in milliseconds (1 to 600000; default 1000).
  • hold-time — Sets the additional hold time between two SPF calculations in milliseconds (1 to 600000; default 10000).
  • max-wait — Sets the maximum wait time between two SPF calculations in milliseconds (1 to 600000; default 10000).
  • start-time — 1000 milliseconds
  • hold-time — 10000 milliseconds
  • max-wait — 10000 milliseconds
Command Mode
Usage Information
OSPFv2 and OSPFv3 support SPF throttling. By default, SPF timers are disabled in an OSPF instance.
Use SPF throttling to delay SPF calculations during periods of network instability. In an OSPF network, a topology change event triggers an SPF calculation after a specified start time. When the start timer finishes, a hold time may delay the next SPF calculation for an additional time. When the hold timer is running:
  • Each time a topology change occurs, the SPF calculation is delayed for double the configured hold time up to maximum wait time.
  • If no topology change occurs, an SPF calculation is performed and the hold timer is reset to its configured value.

If you do not specify a start-time, hold-time or max-wait value, the default values are used. The no version of this command removes the configured SPF timers and disables SPF throttling in an OSPF instance.

OS10(config)# router ospfv3 100
                                       OS10(config-router-ospfv3-100)# timers spf 1345 2324 9234
                                       OS10(config-router-ospfv3-100)# do show ipv6 ospf
                                       Routing Process ospfv3 100 with ID
                                       SPF schedule delay 1345 msecs, Hold time between two SPFs 2324 msecs
                                       Min LSA origination 5000 msec, Min LSA arrival 1000 msec
                                       Min LSA hold time 0 msec, Max LSA wait time 0 msec
                                       Number of area in this router is 1, normal 1 stub 0 nssa
                                       Area (
                                       Number of interface in this area is 1
                                       SPF algorithm executed 2 times
Supported Releases
10.4.0E(R1) or later

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