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Unified port groups

In an OS10 unified port group, all ports operate in either Ethernet or Fibre Channel mode — you cannot mix modes for ports in the same unified port group. To activate Ethernet interfaces, configure a port group to operate in Ethernet mode and specify the port speed. To activate Fibre Channel interfaces, see Fibre Channel interfaces.


On the S4148U-ON switch, the available Ethernet and Fibre Channel interfaces in a port group depend on the currently configured port profile. For more information, see S4148U-ON port profiles.

Figure 1. S4148U-ON unified port groups S4148U-ON unified port groups

To enable Ethernet interfaces in a unified port group:

  1. Configure a unified port group in CONFIGURATION mode. Enter 1/1 for node/slot. The port-group range depends on the switch.
  2. Activate the unified port group for Ethernet operation in PORT-GROUP mode. To activate a unified port group in Fibre Channel mode, see Fibre Channel interfaces . The available options depend on the switch.
    mode Eth {100g-1x | 50g-2x | 40g-1x | 25g-4x | 10g-4x}
    • 100g-1x — Reset a port group to 100GE mode.
    • 50g-2x — Split a port group into two 50GE interfaces.
    • 40g-1x — Set a port group to 40GE mode for use with a QSFP+ 40GE transceiver.
    • 25g-4x — Split a port group into four 25GE interfaces.
    • 10g-4x — Split a port group into four 10GE interfaces.
  3. Return to CONFIGURATION mode.
  4. Enter Ethernet Interface mode to configure other settings. Enter a single interface, a hyphen-separated range, or multiple interfaces separated by commas.
    interface ethernet 
Configure Ethernet unified port interface
OS10(config)# port-group 1/1/13
                                 OS10(conf-pg-1/1/13)# mode Eth 25g-4x
                                 OS10(conf-pg-1/1/13)# exit
                                 OS10(config)# interface ethernet 1/1/41:1
View Ethernet unified port interface
OS10(config)# interface ethernet 1/1/41
                                 OS10(conf-if-eth1/1/41:1)# show configuration
                                 interface ethernet1/1/41:1
                                 no shutdown

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