OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release


VLT interconnect

A VLTi is the link that synchronizes states between VLT peers. OS10 automatically adds VLTi ports to VLANs spanned across VLT peers. VLTi ports are not supported as members of VLANs configured on only one peer.

  • The system automatically provisions the required VLANs.
  • VLAN ID 4094 is reserved as an internal control VLAN for the VLT domain, and it is not user configurable.
  • VLT peer switches operate as separate nodes with independent control and data planes for devices attached to non-VLT ports.
  • The VLTi synchronizes L2 and L3 control-plane information across the two nodes. The VLTi is used for data traffic only when there is a link failure that requires using VLTi for data packets to reach their final destination.
  • Traffic with an unknown destination MAC address, multicast, or broadcast traffic can cause flooding across the VLTi.
  • MAC, ARP, IPv6 neighbors that are learned over VLANs across VLT peer nodes are synchronized across the nodes.
  • In a VLT domain, LLDP, flow control, port monitoring, and jumbo frame features are supported on a VLTi.

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