OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release 10.4.0E(R3)


ACL based classification with trust

If you have enabled trust based classification and the system has class-maps to install ACL entries in the same policy-map that might conflict with the trust based classification, then by default the trust based classification takes precedence.

You can modify the order of precedence by enabling the fallback option of trust dot1p or diffserv (DSCP).

  1. Create class-maps.
    • Create a class-map of type qos to match CoS 5 flow.
      OS10(config)# class-map cmap-cos5  
    • Define the fields to be matched on 802.1p CoS 5 values.
      OS10(config-cmap-qos)# match cos 5
  2. Create a policy-map for enabling trust and matching the CoS 5 flow.
    • Create a qos type policy-map to refer the classes.
      OS10(config)# policy-map cos-trust
    • Refer the class-maps in the policy-map and define the required action for the flows.
      OS10(config-pmap-qos)# class class-trust
                                                OS10(config-pmap-c-qos)# trust dot1p fallback
                                                OS10(config-pmap-qos)# class cmap-cos5
                                                OS10(config-pmap-c-qos)# set qos-group 7
    • Attach the policy-map to interface.
      OS10(conf-if-eth1/1/1)# service-policy input type qos cos-trust

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