OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release 10.4.0E(R3)


area authentication

Configures authentication for an OSPFv3 area.

area area-id authentication ipsec spi number {MD5 | SHA1} key
  • area area-id — Enter an area ID as a number or IPv6 prefix.
  • ipsec spi number — Enter a unique security policy index (SPI) value (256 to 4294967295).
  • md5 — Enable MD5 authentication.
  • sha1 — Enable SHA-1 authentication.
  • key — Enter the text string used in the authentication type.
OSPFv3 area authentication is not configured.
Command Mode
Usage Information
  • Before you enable IPsec authentication for an OSPFv3 area, you must enable OSPFv3 globally on each router.
  • All OSPFv3 routers in the area must share the same authentication key to exchange information. Only a non-encrypted key is supported. For MD5 authentication, the non-encrypted key must be 32 plain hex digits. For SHA-1 authentication, the non-encrypted key must be 40 hex digits. An encrypted key is not supported.
OS10(config-router-ospfv3-100)# area 1 authentication ipsec spi 400 md5 12345678123456781234567812345678
Supported Releases
10.4.0E(R1) or later

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