OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release 10.4.0E(R3)


Automatic installation

You can automatically (zero-touch) install an OS10 image on a Dell ONIE-enabled device. Once the device successfully boots to ONIE: Install OS, auto-discovery obtains the hostname, domain name, Management interface IP address, as well as the IP address of the DNS name server(s) on your network from the DHCP server and DHCP options. The ONIE automatic-discovery process locates the stored software image, starts installation, then reboots the device with the new software image.

If a USB drive is inserted, auto-discovery searches the USB storage supporting FAT or EXT2 file systems. It also searches SCP, FTP, or TFTP servers with the default DNS name of the ONIE server. DHCP options are not used to provide the server IP, and the auto discovery method repeats until a successful software image installation occurs and reboots the switch.

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