OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release 10.4.0E(R3)


Buffer management

OS10 devices distribute the total available buffer resources into two buffer pools at ingress direction and three buffer pools at egress direction of all the physical ports.

All ports in a system are allocated a certain amount of buffers from corresponding pools, based on the configuration state of each priority-group or queue. The remaining buffers in the pool are shared across all similarly configured ports.

The following buffer pools are available:
  • Ingress buffer pools:
    • Lossy pool (default)
    • Lossless pool (PFC)
  • Egress buffer pools:
    • Lossy pool (default)
    • Lossless pool (PFC)
    • CPU pool (CPU control traffic)

For example, when all ports are allocated reserved buffers from the lossy (default) pool, the remaining buffers in the lossy pool are shared across all ports, except the CPU port.

When you enable priority flow control (PFC) on the ports, all the PFC enabled queues and priority-groups use the buffers from the lossless pool.

OS10 dedicates a separate buffer pool for CPU traffic. All default reserved buffers for CPU port queues are from the CPU pool, and the remaining buffers are shared across all CPU queues. You can modify the buffer settings of CPU queues.

OS10 allows configuration of buffers per priority-group and queue for each port.

The buffer usage accounting happens for ingress packets on ingress pools and egress packets on egress pool. You can configure ingress packets buffer accounting per priority-group and egress packet buffer accounting per queue level.

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