OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release 10.4.0E(R3)


Clear MAC Address Table

You can clear dynamic address entries that are maintained in the MAC address table.

  • Clear the MAC address table of dynamic entries in EXEC mode.
    clear mac address-table dynamic [[all] [address 
                                           mac_addr] [vlan 
                                           vlan-id] [interface {ethernet 
                                           type node/slot/port[:subport] | port-channel 
    • all — (Optional) Clear all dynamic entries.
    • address mac_address — (Optional) Clear a MAC address entry.
    • vlan vlan-id — (Optional) Clear a MAC address table entry from a VLAN number (1 to 4093).
    • ethernet node/slot/port[:subport] — (Optional) Clear an Ethernet interface entry.
    • port—channel number — (Optional) Clear a port-channel number (1 to 128).

Clear MAC Address Table

OS10# clear mac address-table dynamic vlan 20 interface ethernet 1/2/20

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