OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release 10.4.0E(R3)


Configure control-plane policing

Rate-limiting the protocol CPU queues requires configuring control-plane type QoS policies.

  • Create QoS policies (class maps and policy maps) for the desired CPU-bound queue.
  • Associate the QoS policy with a particular rate-limit.
  • Assign the QoS service policy to control plane queues.

By default, the peak information rate ( pir) and committed information rate ( cir) values are in packets per second (pps) for control plane. CoPP for CPU queues converts the input rate from kilobits per second (kbps) to packets per second (pps), assuming 64 bytes is the average packet size, and applies that rate to the corresponding queue – 1 kbps is roughly equivalent to 2 pps.

  1. Create a class-map of type control-plane and configure a name for the class-map in CONFIGURATION mode.
    class-map type control-plane 
  2. Return to CONFIGURATION mode.
  3. Create an input policy-map to assign the QoS policy to the desired service queues in CONFIGURATION mode.
    policy-map type control-plane 
  4. Associate a policy-map with a class-map in POLICY-MAP mode.
  5. Configure marking for a specific queue number in POLICY-MAP-CLASS-MAP mode (0 to 11).
    set qos-group 
  6. Configure rate policing on incoming traffic in POLICY-MAP-CLASS-MAP mode.
    police {cir 
                                           committed-rate | pir 
    • cir committed-rate —Enter a committed rate value in pps (0 to 4000000).
    • pir peak rate — Enter a peak-rate value in pps (0 to 40000000).
Create QoS policy for CoPP
OS10(config)# class-map type control-plane copp
                                    OS10(conf-cmap-control-plane)# exit
                                    OS10(config)# policy-map type control-plane copp1
                                    OS10(conf-pmap-control-plane)# class copp
                                    OS10(conf-pmap-c)# set qos-group 2
                                    OS10(conf-pmap-c)# police cir 100 pir 100
View policy-map
OS10(conf-pmap-c)# do show policy-map
                                    Service-policy(control-plane) input: copp1
                                    Class-map (control-plane): copp
                                    set qos-group 2
                                    police cir 100 bc 100 pir 100 be 100

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