OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release 10.4.0E(R3)


Configure Dual Stack

OS10 supports dual stack for BGPv4 and BGPv6. Dual stack BGP allows simultaneous exchange of same IPv4 or IPv6 prefixes through different IPv4 and IPv6 peers. You can enable dual stack using the activate command in the corresponding address-family mode. By default, activate command is enabled for the IPv4 address family for all the neighbors.

If a BGP-v4 neighbor wants to carry ipv6 prefix information, it activates the IPv6 address-family. For a BGP-v6 neighbor to carry ipv4 prefix, it activates the IPv4 address-family.

  1. Enable support for the IPv6 unicast family in CONFIG-ROUTER-BGP mode.
    address family ipv6 unicast
  2. Enable IPv6 unicast support on a BGP neighbor/template in CONFIG-ROUTER-BGP-AF mode.

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