OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release 10.4.0E(R3)


Configure encapsulated remote port monitoring

Encapsulated remote port monitoring requires valid source and destination IP addresses. Ensure that the source IP address is local and destination IP address is remote. You can also configure the TTL and DSCP values.

Create monitoring session
OS10(config)# monitor session 10 type erpm-source
Configure source port, source and destination IP addresses, and protocol type
OS10(conf-mon-erpm-source-10)# source interface ethernet 1/1/2
                                 OS10(conf-mon-erpm-source-10)# source-ip destination-ip gre-protocol 35006
                                 OS10(conf-mon-erpm-source-10)# ip ttl 16
                                 OS10(conf-mon-erpm-source-10)# ip dscp 63
                                 OS10(conf-mon-erpm-source-10)# no shut
View configured ERPM session
OS10(conf-mon-erpm-source-6)# do show monitor session all
                                 S.Id  Source          Destination      Dir   Mode  Source IP      Dest IP        DSCP  TTL  Gre-Protocol   State      Reason
                                 6    ethernet1/1/2    remote-ip        both  port        63     16  35006          true      Is UP
View running configuration of monitor session
OS10# show running-configuration monitor
                                 monitor session 10 type erpm-source
                                 source-ip destination-ip
                                 source interface ethernet1/1/2
                                 no shut

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