OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release 10.4.0E(R3)


Configure uplink failure detection

Consider the following before configuring an uplink-state group:

  • You can assign a physical port or a port channel to an uplink-state group.
  • You can assign an interface to only one uplink-state group at a time.
  • You can designate the uplink-state group as either an upstream or a downstream interface, but not both.
  • You cannot assign both a port channel and its members to an uplink-state group, which would make the group inactive. The port channels and individual ports that are not part of any port channel can coexist as members of an uplink-state group.
  • The downstream ports are disabled in an order starting from the lowest numbered port to the highest.
  • If you disable an uplink-state group, the downstream interfaces are not disabled, regardless of the state of the upstream interfaces.
  • If you do not assign upstream interfaces to an uplink-state group, the downstream interfaces are not disabled.


  1. Create an uplink-state group in CONFIGURATION mode.
  2. Configure the upstream and downstream interfaces in UPLINK-STATE-GROUP mode.
    upstream {
                                        interface-type | 
                                        downstream {
                                        interface-type | 
  3. (Optional) Disable uplink-state group tracking in UPLINK-STATE-GROUP mode.
    no enable
  4. (Optional) Provide a descriptive name for the uplink-state group in UPLINK-STATE-GROUP mode.
  5. (Optional) Clear the UFD error disabled state of downstream interfaces in EXEC mode.
    clear ufd-disable
Configure uplink state group
OS10(config)# uplink-state-group 1
                                 OS10(conf-uplink-state-group-1)# upstream ethernet 1/1/35
                                 OS10(conf-uplink-state-group-1)# upstream ethernet 1/1/36
                                 OS10(conf-uplink-state-group-1)# downstream ethernet 1/1/37
                                 OS10(conf-uplink-state-group-1)# downstream ethernet 1/1/38
                                 OS10(conf-uplink-state-group-1)# enable
                                 OS10(conf-uplink-state-group-1)# name iscsi_group
View uplink state group configuration
OS10#show uplink-state-group 1
                                 Uplink State Group: 1 Status: Enabled,down
OS10# show uplink-state-group 1 detail
                                 Uplink State Group: 1, Name: iscsi_group, Status: Enabled,down
                                 Upstream Interfaces:ethernet1/1/36(down)
                                 Downstream Interfaces:ethernet1/1/37(down)
OS10# show running-configuration uplink-state-group
                                 uplink-state-group 1
                                 downstream ethernet1/1/53
                                 downstream fibrechannel1/1/7
                                 upstream ethernet1/1/34
                                 upstream ethernet1/1/35
                                 upstream ethernet1/1/36
                                 upstream ethernet1/1/37
                                 upstream fibrechannel1/1/1

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