OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release 10.4.0E(R3)


Debug configurations

Use the debug spanning-tree bpdu command to monitor and verify that the MST configuration is communicating as configured. To ensure all necessary parameters match — region name, region version, and VLAN to instance mapping — examine your individual devices. Use the show spanning-tree mst command to view the MST configuration, or use the show running-configuration command to view the overall MST configuration.

MST flags for communication received from same region
The MST routers are located in the same region. If the debug logs indicate that packets are coming from a Different Region, one of the key parameters does not match.
MST region name and revision
The configured name and revisions must be identical among all devices. If the region name is blank, a name was configured on one device and was not configured or was configured differently on another — spelling and capitalization counts.
MST instances
Verify the VLAN to MST instance mapping using the show commands. If you see extra MST instances in the Sending or Received logs, an additional MST instance was configured on one router but not others.
  • View BPDUs in EXEC mode.
    debug spanning-tree bpdu
  • View MST-triggered topology change messages in EXEC mode.
    debug spanning-tree events

View MST configuration

OS10# show spanning-tree mst configuration
                                 Region Name: force10
                                 Revision: 100
                                 MSTI    VID
                                 0       1,31-4093
                                 1       2-10
                                 2       11-20
                                 3       21-30

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