OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release 10.4.0E(R3)


Diagnostic tools

This section contains information on advanced software and hardware commands to debug, monitor, and troubleshoot network devices. Output examples are for reference purposes only and may not apply to your specific system.

View inventory

Use the show inventory command to view the module IDs of the device..

OS10# show inventory
                                 Product          : S4048T-ON
                                 Description      : S4048T-ON 48x10GbE copper, 6x40GbE QSFP+ Interface Module
                                 Software version : 10.3.1E
                                 Unit Type                 Part Number  Rev  Piece Part ID           Svc Tag  Exprs Svc Code
                                 * 1  S4048T-ON               0YVCK0  X01  TW-0YVCK0-28298-615-0023
                                 1  S4048T-ON-PWR-1-UNKNOW               ----
                                 1  S4048T-ON-FANTRAY-1     061DJT  X01  TW-061DJT-28298-615-0089
                                 1  S4048T-ON-FANTRAY-2     061DJT  X01  TW-061DJT-28298-615-0090
                                 1  S4048T-ON-FANTRAY-3     061DJT  X01  TW-061DJT-28298-615-0091
                                 1  S4048T-ON-FANTRAY-4     061DJT  X01  TW-061DJT-28298-615-0092

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