OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release 10.4.0E(R3)


Fast start repeat count

Fast start repeat count enables a network connectivity device to advertise itself at a faster rate for a limited amount of time. The fast start timer starts when a network connectivity device receives the first LLDP frame from a newly detected endpoint.

When an LLDP-MED endpoint is newly detected or connected to the network, the lldp-med fast-start-repeat-count command enables the network to quickly detect the endpoint. The LLDP-MED fast start repeat count specifies the number of LLDP packets that are sent during the LLDP-MED fast start period. By default, the device sends three packets per interval. Change the number of packets a device sends per second — up to 10.

Rapid availability is crucial for applications such as emergency call service location (E911).
  • Enable fast start repeat count which is the number of packets sent during activation in CONFIGURATION mode (1 to 10, default 3).
    lldp-med fast-start-repeat-count 

Configure fast start repeat count

OS10(config)# lldp med fast-start-repeat-count 5

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