OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release 10.4.0E(R3)


Fibre Channel interfaces

OS10 unified port groups support Fibre Channel (FC) interfaces. A unified port group operates in Fibre Channel or Ethernet mode. To activate FC interfaces, configure a port group to operate in Fibre Channel mode and specify the port speed. By default, FC interfaces are disabled. To enable an FC interface for data transmission, enter the no shutdown command.

On a S4148U-ON, FC interfaces are available in all port groups. The activated FC interfaces depend on the currently configured port profile. For more information, see S4148U-ON port profiles.
Figure 1. S4148U-ON unified port groups S4148U-ON unified port groups

To enable a Fibre Channel interface:

  1. Configure a unified port group in CONFIGURATION mode. Enter 1/1 for node/slot. The port-group range depends on the switch.
  2. Activate the unified port group for FC operation in PORT-GROUP mode. The available FC modes depend on the switch.
    mode fc {32g-2x | 32g-1x | 16g-4x | 16g-2x |8g-4x}
    • 8g-4x — Split a unified port group into four 8 GFC interfaces.
    • 16g-2x — Split a unified port group into two 16 GFC interfaces.
    • 16g-4x — Split a unified port group into four 16 GFC interfaces; supports 4x32GFC oversubscription.
    • 32g-1x — Split a unified port group into one 32 GFC interface.
    • 32g-2x — Split a unified port group into two 32 GFC interfaces.
  3. Return to CONFIGURATION mode.
  4. Enter FC Interface mode to enable data transmission. Enter a single interface, a hyphen-separated range, or multiple interfaces separated by commas.
    interface fibrechannel 
  5. (Optional) Reconfigure the interface speed for oversubscription in INTERFACE mode. Oversubscription allows a port to operate faster for bursty storage traffic.
    speed {8 | 16 | 32 | auto}
  6. Enable the FC interface in INTERFACE mode.
    no shutdown
Configure FC interface
OS10(config)# port-group 1/1/13
                                 OS10(conf-pg-1/1/13)# mode FC 16g-4x
                                 OS10(conf-pg-1/1/13)# exit
                                 OS10(config)# interface fibrechannel 1/1/43:1
                                 OS10(conf-if-fc-1/1/43:1)# speed 32
                                 OS10(conf-if-fc-1/1/43:1)# no shutdown
View FC interface
OS10(config)# interface fibrechannel 1/1/43:1
                                 OS10(conf-if-fc-1/1/43:1)# show configuration
                                 interface fibrechannel1/1/43:1
                                 no shutdown
                                 speed 32
                                 vfabric 100
OS10# show interface fibrechannel 1/1/43:1
                                 Fibrechannel 1/1/43:1 is up, FC link is up
                                 Address is 14:18:77:20:8d:fc, Current address is 14:18:77:20:8d:fc
                                 Pluggable media present, QSFP-PLUS type is QSFPPLUS_4X16_16GBASE_FC_SW
                                 Wavelength is 850
                                 Receive power reading is 0.0
                                 FC MTU 2188 bytes
                                 LineSpeed 8G
                                 Port type is F, Max BB credit is 1
                                 WWN is 20:78:14:18:77:20:8d:cf
                                 Last clearing of "show interface" counters: 00:02:32
                                 Input statistics:
                                 33 frames, 3508 bytes
                                 0 class 2 good frames, 33 class 3 good frames
                                 0 frame too long, 0 frame truncated, 0 CRC
                                 1 link fail, 0 sync loss
                                 0 primitive seq err, 0 LIP count
                                 0 BB credit 0, 0 BB credit 0 packet drops
                                 Output statistics:
                                 33 frames, 2344 bytes
                                 0 class 2 frames, 33 class 3 frames
                                 0 BB credit 0, 0 oversize frames
                                 6356027325 total errors
                                 Rate Info:
                                 Input 116 bytes/sec, 1 frames/sec, 0% of line rate
                                 Output 78 bytes/sec, 1 frames/sec, 0% of line rate
                                 Time since last interface status change: 00:00:24

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