OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release 10.4.0E(R3)



Changes the hash algorithm that distributes traffic flows across ECMP paths and the LAG.

hash-algorithm {ecmp | lag} {crc | xor | random}
  • ecmp — Enables ECMP hash configuration.
  • lag — Enables LAG hash configuration for L2 only.
  • crc — Enables CRC polynomial for hash computation.
  • xor — Enables upper 8 bits of CRC and lower 8 bits of XOR value for computation.
  • random — Enables a hash algorithm random value for ECMP or LAG hash computation.
Command Mode
Usage Information

The hash value calculated with this command is unique to the entire system. Different hash algorithms are based on the number of port-channel members and packet values. The default hash algorithm yields the most balanced results in various test scenarios, but if the default algorithm does not provide a satisfactory distribution of traffic, use this command to designate another algorithm.

When a port-channel member leaves or is added to the port-channel, the hash algorithm is recalculated to balance traffic across the members. The no version of this command returns the value to the default.

OS10(config)# hash-algorithm lag crc
Supported Releases
10.3.0E or later

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