OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release 10.4.0E(R3)



An ACL filters packets based on the:

  • IP protocol number
  • Source and destination IP address
  • Source and destination TCP port number
  • Source and destination UDP port number

For ACL, TCP, and UDP filters, match criteria on specific TCP or UDP ports. For ACL TCP filters, you can also match criteria on established TCP sessions.

When creating an ACL, the sequence of the filters is important. You can assign sequence numbers to the filters as you enter them or OS10 can assign numbers in the order you create the filters. The sequence numbers display in the show running-configuration and show ip access-lists [in | out] command output.

Ingress and egress hot-lock ACLs allow you to append or delete new rules into an existing ACL without disrupting traffic flow. Existing entries in the CAM shuffle to accommodate the new entries. Hot-lock ACLs are enabled by default and support ACLs on all platforms.

  • NOTE: Hot-lock ACLs support ingress ACLs only.

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