OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release 10.4.0E(R3)


iscsi priority-bits

Resets the priority bitmap advertised in iSCSI application TLVs.

iscsi priority-bits { priority-bitmap }
priority-bitmap — Enter a bitmap value for the dot1p priority advertised for iSCSI traffic in iSCSI application TLVs (0x1 to 0xff).
0x10 (dot1p 4)
Command Mode
Usage Information
iSCSI traffic uses dot1p priority 4 in frame headers by default. Use this command to reconfigure the dot1p-priority bits advertised in iSCSI application TLVs. Enter only one dot1p-bitmap value — setting more than one bitmap value with this command is not supported. The default dot1p 4 value is advertised only if you enabled PFC pause frames for dot1p 4 traffic ( pfc-cos dot1p-priority command). The no version of this command resets to the default value.
OS10(config)# iscsi priority-bits 0x20
Supported Releases
10.3.0E or later

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