OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release 10.4.0E(R3)


Link-bundle monitoring

Monitoring link aggregation group (LAG) bundles allows the traffic distribution amounts in a link to look for unfair distribution at any given time. A threshold of 60% is an acceptable amount of traffic on a member link.

Links are monitored in 15-second intervals for three consecutive instances. Any deviation within that time sends syslog and an alarm event generates. When the deviation clears, another syslog sends and a clear alarm event generates.

Link-bundle utilization is calculated as the total bandwidth of all links divided by the total bytes-per-second of all links. If you enable monitoring, the utilization calculation performs when the utilization of the link-bundle (not a link within a bundle) exceeds 60%.

Configure Threshold level for link-bundle monitoring

OS10(config)# link-bundle-trigger-threshold 10

View link-bundle monitoring threshold configuration

OS10(config)# do show running-configuration
                                 link-bundle-trigger-threshold 10

Show link-bundle utilization

OS10(config)# do show link-bundle-utilization
                                 Link-bundle trigger threshold - 10

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