OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release 10.4.0E(R3)


MAC Address Table

OS10 maintains a list of MAC address table entries.

  • View the contents of the MAC address table in EXEC mode.
    show mac address-table {dynamic | static} [address 
                                           mac-address | vlan 
                                           vlan-id | interface {
                                           ethernet node/slot/port[:subport] | port-channel 
                                           number}] [count [vlan 
                                           vlan-id] [interface {
                                           type node/slot/port[:subport] | port-channel 
    • dynamic — (Optional) Displays dynamic MAC address table entry information.
    • static — (Optional) Displays static MAC address table entry information.
    • address mac-address — (Optional) Displays MAC address information.
    • interface ethernet node/slot/port[:subport] — (Optional) Displays a list of dynamic and static MAC address entries.
    • interface port-channel number — (Optional) Displays port channel information (1 to 128).
    • count — (Optional) Displays the number of dynamic and static MAC address entries.
    • vlan vlan-id — (Optional) Displays information for a specified VLAN only (1 to 4093).

View MAC Address Table Entries

OS10# show mac address-table
                                 VlanId  Mac Address             Type            Interface
                                 1       00:00:15:c6:ca:49       dynamic         ethernet1/1/21
                                 1       00:00:20:2a:25:55       dynamic         ethernet1/1/21
                                 1       90:b1:1c:f4:aa:ce       dynamic         ethernet1/1/21
                                 1       90:b1:1c:f4:aa:c6       dynamic         ethernet1/1/21
                                 10      34:17:eb:02:8c:33       static          ethernet1/1/1

View MAC Address Table Count

OS10# show mac address-table count
                                 MAC Entries for all vlans :
                                 Dynamic Address Count :                  4
                                 Static Address (User-defined) Count :    1
                                 Total MAC Addresses in Use:              5

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