OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release 10.4.0E(R3)


Manual binding entries

Address binding is mapping between the IP address and the media access control (MAC) address of a client. The DHCP server assigns the client an available IP address automatically and then creates an entry in the binding table. You can also manually create an entry for a client. Manual bindings help to guarantee that a particular network device receives a particular IP address.

Consider manual bindings as single-host address pools. There is no limit to the number of manual bindings, but you can only configure one manual binding per host. Manual binding entries do not display in the show ip dhcp binding output.

  1. Create an address pool in DHCP mode.
  2. Enter the client IP address in DHCP < POOL> mode.
  3. Enter the client hardware address in DHCP < POOL> mode.

Configure manual binding

OS10(config)# ip dhcp server
                                 OS10(conf-dhcp)# pool static
                                 OS10(conf-dhcp-static)# host
                                 OS10(conf-dhcp-static)# hardware-address 00:01:e8:8c:4d:0a

View DHCP binding table

OS10# show ip dhcp binding
                                 IP Address        Hardware address     Lease expiration        Hostname
                               00:00:12:12:12:12 Jan 27 2016 06:23:45
                                 Total Number of Entries in the Table = 1

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