OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release 10.4.0E(R3)



Configures the ingress buffer and pause frame settings used for PFC traffic classes.

pause [buffer-size kilobytes pause-threshold kilobytes resume-threshold kilobytes]
  • buffer-size kilobytes — Enter the reserved (guaranteed) ingress-buffer size in kilobytes for PFC dot1p traffic (0 to 7787).
  • pause-threshold kilobytes — Enter the threshold used to send pause frames in kilobytes to a transmitting device (0 to 7787).
  • resume-threshold kilobytes — Enter the threshold used to request a transmitting device in kilobytes to resume sending traffic (0 to 7787).

The default ingress-buffer size reserved for PFC traffic classes, and the pause and resume thresholds vary according to the interface type. The default egress buffer reserved for PFC traffic classes is 0 on all interface types.

Table 1. Port defaults. Port defaults
Port Speed 10G Port 25G Port 40G Port 50G Port 100G Port
PFC reserved ingress buffer 45 KB 54 KB 93 KB 111 KB 178 KB
PFC pause threshold 9 KB 9 KB 18 KB 18 KB 36 KB
PFC resume threshold 9 KB 9 KB 9 KB 9 KB 9 KB
Command Mode
Usage Information
Use the pause command without optional parameters to apply the default ingress-buffer size, and pause (XON) and resume (XOFF) thresholds. Default values for the buffer-size, pause-threshold, and resume-threshold parameters vary across interface types and port speeds. The default values are based on the default MTU size of 9216 bytes. Use the optional queue-limit thresh-mode command to change the amount of shared buffers available to PFC traffic-class queues in the policy-class-map.
OS10(config)# policy-map type network-qos pp1
                                       OS10(conf-pmap-network-qos)# class cc1
                                       OS10(conf-pmap-c-nqos)# pause buffer-size 30 pause-threshold 20 resume-threshold 10
Supported Releases
10.3.0E or later

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