OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release 10.4.0E(R3)


RADIUS authentication

To configure a RADIUS server for authentication, enter the server's IP address or host name. You can change the UDP port number on the server and the key used to authenticate the OS10 switch on the server.

  • Configure a RADIUS authentication server in CONFIGURATION mode. By default, a RADIUS server uses UDP port 1812; the switch uses radius_server as the key to log in to a RADIUS server.
    radius-server host {
                                           hostname | 
                                           ip-address} [auth-port 
                                           | key 

Re-enter the radius-server host command multiple times to configure more than one RADIUS server. If you configure multiple RADIUS servers, OS10 attempts to connect in the order you configured them. An OS10 switch connects with the configured RADIUS servers one at a time, until a RADIUS server responds with an accept or reject response.

Configure global settings for the timeout and retransmit attempts allowed on RADIUS servers by using the radius-server retransmit and radius-server timeout commands. By default, OS10 supports three RADIUS authentication attempts and times out after five seconds.
  • Configure the number of times OS10 retransmits a RADIUS authentication request in CONFIGURATION mode (0 to 100 retries; default 3).
    radius-server retransmit 
  • Configure the timeout period used to wait for an authentication response from a RADIUS server in CONFIGURATION mode (0 to 1000 seconds; default 5).
    radius-server timeout 

Configure RADIUS server

OS10(config)# radius-server host
                                 OS10(config)# radius-server retransmit 10
                                 OS10(config)# radius-server timeout 10

View RADIUS server configuration

OS10# show running-configuration
                                 radius-server host 
                                 key mysecret
                                 radius-server retransmit 10
                                 radius-server timeout 10

Delete RADIUS server

OS10# no radius server host

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