OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release 10.4.0E(R3)


Redistribute routes

Add routes from other routing instances or protocols to the OSPFv2 process and include BGP, static, or connected routes in the OSPFv2 process. Do not route IBGP routes to OSPFv2 unless there are route-maps associated with the OSPFv2 redistribution.

  • Enter which routes redistribute into the OSPFv2 process in ROUTER-OSPF mode.
    redistribute {bgp 
                                           as-number| connected | static} [route-map 
    • bgp | connected | static —Enter a keyword to redistribute those routes.
    • route-map map-name —Enter the name of a configured route map.

Configure redistribute routes

OS10(conf-router-ospf-10)# redistribute bgp 4 route-map aloha
                                 OS10(conf-router-ospf-10)# redistribute connected route-map aloha
                                 OS10(conf-router-ospf-10)# redistribute static route-map aloha

View OSPF configuration

OS10(conf-router-ospf-10)# do show running-configuration ospf
                                 router ospf 10
                                 redistribute bgp 4 route-map aloha
                                 redistribute connected route-map aloha
                                 redistribute static route-map aloha

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