OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release 10.4.0E(R3)


set comm-list delete

Remove communities in the specified list from the COMMUNITY attribute in a matching inbound or outbound BGP route.

set comm-list { community-list-name} delete
community-list-name — Enter the name of an established community list. A maximum of 140 characters.
Command Mode
Usage Information

The community list you use in the set comm-list delete command must be configured so that each filter contains only one community. For example, the filter deny 100:12 is acceptable, but the filter deny 120:13 140:33 results in an error. If you configure the set comm-list delete command and the set community command in the same route map sequence, the deletion command ( set comm-list delete) processes before the insertion command ( set community). To add communities in a community list to the COMMUNITY attribute in a BGP route, use the set comm-list add command.

OS10(config)# route-map bgp
                                       OS10(conf-route-map)# set comm-list comlist1 delete
Supported Releases
10.3.0E or later

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