OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release 10.4.0E(R3)


Set contact information

Configure contact details in SupportAssist Company mode. You can set the name, email addresses, phone, method, and time zone. SupportAssist contact-person configurations are optional for the SupportAssist service.

  1. (Optional) Enter the contact name in SUPPORT-ASSIST mode.
    contact-person first 
                                           firstname last 
  2. Enter the email addresses in SUPPORT-ASSIST mode.
  3. Enter the preferred contact method in SUPPORT-ASSIST mode.
    preferred-method {email | phone | no-contact}
  4. Enter a contact phone number in SUPPORT-ASSIST mode.
    phone primary 
                                           number [alternate 

Configure contact details

OS10(config)# support-assist
                                 OS10(conf-support-assist)# contact-company name Eureka
                                 OS10(conf-support-assist-Eureka)# contact-person first John last Smith
                                 OS10(conf-support-assist-Eureka)# email-address abc@dell.com
                                 OS10(conf-support-assist-Eureka-JohnJamesSmith)# preferred-method email
                                 OS10(conf-support-assist-Eureka)# phone primary 408-123-4567

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