OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release 10.4.0E(R3)


set metric

Set a metric value for a routing protocol.

set metric [+ | -] metric-value
  • + — (Optional) Add a metric value to the redistributed routes.
  • - — (Optional) Subtract a metric value from the redistributed routes.
  • metric-value — Enter a new metric value, from 0 to 4294967295.
Not configured
Command Mode
Usage Information
To establish an absolute metric, do not enter a plus or minus sign before the metric value. To establish a relative metric, enter a plus or minus sign immediately preceding the metric value. The value is added to or subtracted from the metric of any routes matching the route map. You cannot use both an absolute metric and a relative metric within the same route map sequence. Setting either metric overrides any previously configured value. The no version of this command removes the filter.
Example (Absolute)
OS10(conf-route-map)# set metric 10
Example (Relative)
OS10(conf-route-map)# set metric -25
Supported Releases
10.2.0E or later

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