OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release 10.4.0E(R3)


show lacp port-channel

Displays information about LACP port-channels.

show lacp port-channel [interface port-channel channel-number]
  • interface port-channel — (Optional) Enter the interface port-channel.
  • channel-number — (Optional) Enter the port-channel number for the LACP neighbor (1 to 128).
Not configured
Command Mode
Usage Information
All channel groups display if you do not enter the channel-number parameter.
OS10# show lacp port-channel 1
                                       Port-channel 1 admin up, oper up, mode lacp
                                       Actor System ID: Priority 32768, Address 90:b1:1c:f4:9b:8a
                                       Partner System ID: Priority 32768, Address 00:01:e8:8a:fd:9e
                                       Actor Admin Key 1, Oper Key 1, Partner Oper Key 1
                                       LACP LAG ID 1 is an aggregatable link
                                       A-Active LACP, B-Passive LACP, C-Short Timeout, D-Long Timeout
                                       E-Aggregatable Link, F-Individual Link, G-IN_SYNC, H-OUT_OF_SYNC,
                                       I-Collection enabled, J-Collection disabled, K-Distribution enabled,
                                       L-Distribution disabled, M-Partner Defaulted, N-Partner Non-defaulted,
                                       O-Receiver is in expired state, P-Receiver is not in expired state
                                       Port ethernet1/1/29 is Enabled, LACP is enabled and mode is lacp
                                       Actor Admin: State BCFHJKNO Key 1 Priority 32768
                                       Oper: State BDEGIKNO Key 1 Priority 32768
                                       Partner Admin: State BCEGIKNP Key 0 Priority 0
                                       Oper: State BDEGIKMO Key 1 Priority 32768
Supported Releases
10.2.0E or later

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