OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release 10.4.0E(R3)


show login-statistics

Displays statistics on user logins to the system.

show login-statistics {user user-id | all}
  • user user-id — Enter an OS10 username.
  • all — Displays login statistics for all system users.
Not configured
Command Mode
Usage Information
Only the sysadmin and secadmin roles can access this command. The show output displays login information for system users, including the number of successful and failed logins, role changes, and the last time a user logged in.


OS10# show login-statistics all
                                 Display statistics upon user login: Enabled
                                 Time-frame in days: 25
                                 since During                    
                                 Role   last  Timeframe                 Last Login
                                 User    Change Login #Fail #Success  Date/Time             Location
                                 -------- ----- ----- --------------  ------------------    ----------
                                 admin    False  0     1    13        2017-11-02T16:02:44Z  in
                                 netadmin False  0     0     5        2017-11-02T15:59:04Z  (00:00)
                                 mltest   False  0     0     1        2017-11-01T15:42:07Z  1001:10:16:210::4001
                                 OS10# show login-statistics user mltest
                                 User                          : mltest
                                 Role changed since last login : False
                                 Failures since last login     : 0
                                 Time-frame in days            : 25
                                 Failures in time period       : 0
                                 Successes in time period      : 1
                                 Last Login Time               : 2017-11-01T15:42:07Z
                                 Last Login Location           : 1001:10:16:210::4001

Supported Releases

10.4.0E(R1) or later

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