OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release 10.4.0E(R3)


Stub areas

Type 5 LSAs are not flooded into stub areas. The ABR advertises a default route into the stub area to which it is attached. Stub area routers use the default route to reach external destinations.

  1. Enable OSPF routing and enter ROUTER-OSPF mode, from 1 to 65535.
    router ospf 
                                           instance number
  2. Configure an area as a stub area in ROUTER-OSPF mode.
                                           area-id stub [no-summary]
    • area-id —Enter the OSPF area ID as an IP address (A.B.C.D) or number, from 1 to 65535.
    • no-summary—(Optional) Enter to prevent an ABR from sending summary LSA to the stub area.

Configure stub area

OS10(config)# router ospf 10
                                 OS10(conf-router-ospf-10)# area stub
View stub area configuration
OS10# show ip ospf
                                 Routing Process ospf 10 with ID
                                 Supports only single TOS (TOS0) routes
                                 It is Flooding according to RFC 2328
                                 SPF schedule delay 1000 msecs, Hold time between two SPFs 10000 msecs
                                 Convergence Level 0
                                 Min LSA origination 0 msec, Min LSA arrival 1000 msec
                                 Min LSA hold time 5000 msec, Max LSA wait time 5000 msec
                                 Number of area in this router is 1, normal 0 stub 1 nssa 0
                                 Area  (
                                 Number of interface in this area is 0
                                 SPF algorithm executed 1 times
                                 Area ranges are
OS10# show running-configuration ospf
                                 router ospf 10
                                 area stub

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