OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release 10.4.0E(R3)


System monitoring

Monitor OS10 using system alarm and log information.

System alarms

Alarms alert you to conditions that might prevent normal device operation:

  • Critical — A critical condition exists and requires immediate action. A critical alarm may trigger if one or more hardware components have failed, or one or more hardware components exceeds temperature thresholds.
  • Major — A major error occurred and requires escalation or notification. For example, a major alarm may trigger if an interface failure occurs, such as a port-channel being down.
  • Minor — A minor error or non-critical condition occurred that, if left unchecked, might cause system service interruption or performance degradation. A minor alarm requires monitoring or maintenance.
  • Informational — An informational error occurred but does not impact performance. Monitor an informational alarm until the condition changes.
Triggered alarms are in one of these states:
  • Active — Alarms that are current and not cleared.
  • Cleared — Alarms that are resolved and the device has returned to normal operation.

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