OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release 10.4.0E(R3)



Discovery interface
Port interfaces on VLT peers in the VLT interconnect (VLTi) link.
Virtual-link trunk (VLT port-channel)
A combined port-channel between an attached device and VLT peer switches.
VLT domain
The domain includes VLT peer devices, VLT interconnect, and all port-channels in the VLT connected to the attached devices. It is also associated with the configuration mode that you must use to assign VLT global parameters.
VLT interconnect (VLTi)
The link between VLT peer switches used to synchronize operating states.
VLT MAC address
(Optional) Unique MAC address that you assign to the VLT domain. A VLT MAC address is the common address used for all VLT peers. If you do not configure a VLT MAC address, the MAC address of the primary peer is used as the VLT MAC address across all peers.
VLT peer device
A pair of devices connected using a dedicated port-channel — the VLTi.
VLT port-channel ID
Groups port-channel interfaces on VLT peers into a single virtual-link trunk connected to an attached device. Assign the same port-channel ID to interfaces on different peers that you bundle together.

VLT peer switches have independent management planes. A VLTi between the VLT chassis maintains synchronization of L2/L3 control planes across the two peer switches.

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