OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release 10.4.0E(R3)


Time to live

The information received from a neighbor expires after a specific amount of time (in seconds) called TTL. The TTL is the LLDPDU transmit interval (hello) and an integer is called a multiplier. For example, LLDPDU transmit interval (30) times the multiplier (4), (30 x 4 = 120). The default multiplier is 4, with a default TTL of 120 seconds.

  1. Adjust the TTL value in CONFIGURATION mode.
    lldp holdtime-multiplier
  2. Return to the default multiplier value in CONFIGURATION mode.
    no lldp holdtime-multiplier

Configure TTL

OS10(config)# lldp holdtime-multiplier 2

Return multiplier value

OS10(config)# no lldp holdtime-multiplier

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