OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release 10.4.0E(R3)


timers throttle lsa all

Configures the LSA transmit intervals.

timers lsa all [ start-interval | hold-interval | max-interval]
  • start-interval — Sets the minimum interval between initial sending and re-sending the same LSA in milliseconds (0 to 600,000).
  • hold-interval — Sets the next interval to send the same LSA in milliseconds. This is the time between sending the same LSA after the start-interval has been attempted (1 to 600,000).
  • max-interval — Sets the maximum amount of time the system waits before sending the LSA in milliseconds (1 to 600,000).
  • start-interval — 0 milliseconds
  • hold-interval — 5000 milliseconds
  • max-interval — 5000 milliseconds
Command Mode
Usage Information
The no version of this command removes the LSA transmit timer.
OS10(config)# router ospf 10
                                       OS10(conf-router-ospf-10)# timers throttle lsa all 100 300 1000 
Supported Releases
10.2.0E or later

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