OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release 10.4.0E(R3)



To adjust the routing timers for all neighbors, configure the timer values using the timers command. If both the peers negotiate with different keepalive and hold time values, the final hold time value is the lowest values received. The new keepalive value is one-third of the accepted hold time value.

  • Configure timer values for all neighbors in ROUTER-NEIGHBOR mode.
                                           keepalive holdtime
    • keepalive — Time interval in seconds, between keepalive messages sent to the neighbor routers (1 to 65535, default 60).
    • holdtime — Time interval in seconds, between the last keepalive message and declaring the router dead (3 to 65535, default 180).

View nondefault values

OS10# show running-configuration
                                 remote-as 103
                                 timers 61 181
                                 no shutdown

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