OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release 10.4.0E(R3)


Virtual router redundancy protocol

VRRP allows you to form virtual routers from groups of physical routers on your LAN. These virtual routing platforms — master and backup pairs — provide redundancy in case of hardware failure. VRRP also allows you to easily configure a virtual router as the default gateway to all your hosts and avoids the single point of failure of a physical router.

VRRP advantages in ease of administration and network throughput and reliability:
  • Provides a virtual default routing platform
  • Provides load balancing
  • Supports multiple logical IP subnets on a single LAN segment
  • Enables simple traffic routing without the single point of failure of a static default route
  • Avoids issues with dynamic routing and discovery protocols
  • Takes over a failed default router:
    • Within a few seconds
    • With a minimum of VRRP traffic
    • Without any interaction from hosts

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