OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release 10.4.0E(R3)


VRRP Optimized Forwarding

To enable optimized L3 forwarding over VLT, use VRRP Active-Active mode. By default, VRRP Active-Active mode is enabled on the VLAN interfaces. In Active-Active mode, each peer locally forwards L3 traffic, resulting in reduced traffic flow over the VLTi. Configure the same L3 static and dynamic routing on each peer so that L3 reachability and routing tables are the same on both peers.

  1. Enable VRRP Active-Active mode in VLAN-INTERFACE mode.
    vrrp mode active-active
  2. Configure VRRP on the L3 VLAN that spans both peers.
  3. Repeat the steps on the VLT peer.

Configure VRRP active-active mode — peer 1

OS10(conf-if-vl-10)# vrrp mode active-active 

Configure VRRP active-active mode — peer 2

OS10(conf-if-vl-10)# vrrp mode active-active 

View VRRP configuration

OS10# show running-configuration interface vlan 10
                                 interface vlan10
                                 no shutdown
                                 no vrrp mode active-active

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